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About Energy

Power for Our Future

We are meeting our customers' growing energy needs with sound planning and low-cost, reliable and environmentally responsible new generation resources.

Getting Power to You

FPL employees are hard at work delivering electricity night and day to approximately 8 million people in Florida.

Report Power Issues

If you experience problems such as an outage or surges, you can now report it online.

Ensuring Reliability

We have plans in place to continuously improve your electric service by using advanced technology and constantly performing preventive maintenance work on our system.

System Improvements Map

View our new interactive map of improvements near you.

Power Disturbances

Learn how to recognize and prevent power quality problems.

Safety & Electricity

Keep your home a safe haven by knowing how to avoid electricity-related accidents.

Alternative Energy

FPL is pioneering efforts to develop renewable and alternative energy sources for customers.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power provides a safe, clean and reliable source of electricity.