FPL | Space Age to Nuclear Age: 1961-1972

Space Age to Nuclear Age: 1961-1972

Historical quote | Space age challenges | A stormy decade | Nuclear age plants | Partnering with the community

Historical quote

"U.S. Fires Astronaut Out of This World"

Quote: Miami News, May 5, 1961.

Space age challenges

FPL did its part to meet the Space Age challenges of putting a man on the moon. Starting in 1964, FPL built the Cape Canaveral plant to provide

  • 425 megawatts of power, twice the amount in the entire FPL system only 20 years earlier, and
  • a plentiful supply of power to the missile complex and the expanding surrounding residential and industrial areas.

A stormy decade

Weather turned out to be another of FPL's challenges in the 1960s. These stormy years brought the following hurricanes that hit FPL's service areas: Cleo, Dora, Betsy, Alma and Inez.

Nuclear age plants

In 1965, FPL announced plans to build a $100 million nuclear power plant at Turkey Point. In 1972, FPL brought Turkey Point Unit 3 on line, followed by Unit 4 in 1973.

Partnering with the community

In the process of building the Turkey Point plant, FPL found opportunities to partner with community organizations to use Turkey Point land for:

  • Dade County's largest and most primitive wildlife sanctuary, with numbers of birds, fish and other wildlife on the increase
  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps, along with a home for a fulltime Florida Board of Conservation ranger, and
  • a sea survival school near the site created by the Air Force.