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Preparing your proposal | Prior to the visit | Requesting a visit

FPL supports the practice of benchmarking, in which FPL and another company mutually exchange information for the benefit of both organizations.

Preparing your proposal

Proper preparation is a key to efficient, substantive exchange of information. If you are interested in visiting FPL for the purpose of benchmarking, we recommend that as a potential candidate you should:

  • clearly understand the practice(s) you desire to benchmark
  • prepare a set of questions for FPL review, along with a cover page listing objectives
  • be able to answer the questions as they relate to your company in quantitative and qualitative terms
  • propose a reasonable time frame
  • propose date(s) for a visit and
  • allow reasonable lead-time for scheduling, particularly for multiple benchmarking practices.

Prior to the visit

Prior to the visit, it is important that

  • FPL employees and guests determine the depth of information that will be shared and
  • FPL employees take measures to ensure that the visit will offer promising information about policy or process that is important to both FPL and the guest.

Requesting a visit

To request a benchmarking visit, please e-mail Debra Shultz Robinson, general manager of quality.