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Quality Awards and Recognition

Awards and recognition | Award programs that FPL promotes

FPL promotes quality throughout the company, the state of Florida, the U.S. and the world. As a result, FPL has received prestigious awards and recognition, and has established programs to recognize FPL employees and other companies who demonstrate quality excellence.

Awards and recognition

The following table lists some of the quality awards and recognition that FPL has received since 1985.


Quality Awards and Recognition

2005 FPL Group hosts U.S. business leaders in meeting of The Conference Board - U.S. Quality Council.
2004 In recognition of FPL's restoration performance after Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Jeanne, the company was presented the Emergency Response Award from the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), noteworthy in that EEI is a leading trade association comprised of electric industry peers.
2003 EEI presented FPL with its Emergency Response Award for our efforts to help other utilities restore electric service after Hurricane Isabel.


FPL was named No. 1 among leading electric utilities for environmental performance by Innovest, an investment research firm.

2001 FPL received EEI's top award for outstanding achievements in land management and environmental stewardship activities for our wetlands mitigation bank and crocodile protection and research program at our Turkey Point power plant.


FPL is one of six utilities honored with the Edison Electric Institute's Emergency Response Award for outstanding efforts to restore service to customers in the wake of natural disasters, such as Hurricane Irene in October 1999.

1999 FPL’s Turkey Point nuclear plant is only nuclear plant in U.S. to earn Power Plant of the Year award for world class performance.


First electric utility to win William M. Benkert Award, U.S. Coast Guard's highest honor for excellence in marine environmental protection.


FPL quality manager serves as co-chairperson of U.S. Quality Council; judge of USA Today Quality Cup; Board of Directors, Florida Sterling Council; and Chairman, Greater Miami Chamber Quality Council.


FPL is named the most admired utility by Fortune magazine, based on its annual survey.


Employees celebrated the 10th anniversary of their participating in the President's Cup (now the James L. Broadhead Award) challenge. FPL employees recognized for quality leadership served as quality ambassadors and shared their successes internationally. Their appearances included the International Convention for QC Circles in Beijing, China.


A Post-Deming Prize review is held. Two examiners from JUSE (Dr. Kume and Dr. Akao) gave high marks to FPL with special recognition for its efforts in benchmarking, creativity and technology, empowerment and quality promotion.


FPL becomes the first non-Japanese company in the world to receive the prestigious Deming Prize, a quality award administered by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE).

1986 FPL Chairman and CEO John J. Hudiburg, Dr. Joseph Juran and Doug Ekings, Chairman of the American Society for Quality, testified before the U.S. Congress for the establishment of what was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan as The Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. FPL staff were subsequently involved in developing the internal systems and structures of the award.


FPL receives the Edison Award for Excellence and Quality Achievements

Award programs that FPL promotes

FPL promotes the award programs described in the table below.

Award Program


Florida Sterling Award

FPL helped found this Florida state quality award and FPL employees serve as examiners and volunteers.

James L. Broadhead Award and Quality and Safety Expo

FPL founded these programs to promote quality within the company and to share its successes with its vendors and customers.