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Quality Practices

FPL's quality focus | Assessing performance | Phases of quality initiative

FPL's quality focus

The company's quality practices are focused on

  • a management philosophy that recognizes the value of providing quality products and services
  • quality processes in all business aspects, from operations to staff to its relationships with suppliers and vendors and
  • individual business unit assessments designed to help FPL become a high performance organization (HPO) able to succeed in a competitive environment.

Assessing performance

In 1998, FPL began to assess business units using diagnostic tools to determine its position as a high performance organization. The assessments are made in 18-month cycles and the criteria are the same used to select the national Baldrige Quality Award winners and the Florida Sterling Award. The criteria include

  • leadership
  • strategic planning
  • customer and market focus
  • information and analysis
  • human resources development and management
  • process management and
  • business results.

Phases of quality initiative

FPL's quality initiative has evolved in four phases:


Time Period





Mature or Integration


High Performance