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James L. Broadhead Award

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As part of its promotion of quality and performance excellence, FPL sponsors the James L. Broadhead Award competition and follows with the Quality and Safety Expo.

Broadhead Award

Hundreds of quality teams throughout the company compete each year to present their quality stories to a panel of the company's top executives. Of those chosen to present, one team is then selected to receive the James L. Broadhead Award - the highest honor the company gives its employees for contributions to improving quality.

Formerly known as the President's Cup, the award was renamed in 2001 for James L. Broadhead, who retired that year after heading the company for more than a decade. Broadhead is a former president of the non-profit Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.



The award is based on criteria including

  • impact on the company
  • problem-solving skills
  • presentation
  • enthusiasm and
  • responsiveness to questions about the team's project.

Quality and Safety Expo

FPL annually presents a Quality and Safety Expo in conjunction with the James L. Broadhead Award. The Expo allows the quality teams from throughout the company to share best practices with other employees, as well as customers and vendors.