FPL | FPL-WELL Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

FPL-WELL Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

NextEra Energy, Inc. encourages employees to take care of their physical and mental health. Under the umbrella of the FPL-WELL program, the FPL EAP provides the full range of services, from preventive care to counseling and treatment. The EAP assists individuals in identifying and resolving personal problems.

Who is eligible?

All NextEra Energy employees and retirees are eligible for EAP. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services are available to employees, retirees and covered dependents enrolled in one of the FPL medical plans.

What is the difference between the EAP and the Mental Health benefit?

The EAP offers free, confidential counseling and can be used when a problem can be addressed in a few visits with the counselor. For more serious concerns that require longer treatment, such as emotional problems or alcohol or drug dependency, the mental health and substance abuse benefit is available through the medical plan.

Who provides services?

Confidential help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling United Behavioral Health (UBH) who administers the benefit. Their toll-free number, 1-877-388-2194, is answered by a specialist who will help the employee or family member identify the best resource for their personal situation. All counseling is provided by licensed counselors or therapists in their private offices.

Doesn't FPL have its own EAP and MAP?

FPL has a small internal staff available for consultation and on-site educational presentations. They may be reached by calling (561) 691-7700. In addition, the Member Assistance Program (MAP) is available to bargaining employees and their families by calling (800) 243-8375. There is no charge for either FPL's internal EAP or MAP staff services.

Are there resources for supervisors?

UBH provides unlimited telephone consultations linking supervisors with Workplace Support Specialists (WSS) to provide guidance in dealing with employee behavior or job performance issues. In addition, FPL's internal EAP/MAP staff is available for consultation following serious accidents, with threat assessments, fitness for duty or substance abuse evaluations, or for performance issues such as excessive absenteeism.

Are online services available?

Live and Work WellTM is an Internet-based service provided by UBH and available to employees and their families to enhance health and improve lifestyles. Log on to www.liveandworkwell.com (enter access code fpl) and you'll have free access to health facts, customized self-improvement programs and resources for child and elder care referrals. You may also call UBH at 1-877-388-2194, press 1, then 1 again for "life resources" to reach the Working Solutions program.