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FPL-WELL Program

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FPL-WELL Program Overview


  • what it is
  • its mission and
  • its stages of development.

Supervised Fitness Centers

Learn about the programs at:

  • Juno Beach Fitness Center
  • GO Fitness Center
  • PSL Fitness Center and
  • Turkey Point Fitness Center.

Summary of Programs and Services

Read a summary of the FPL-WELL Program services, seminars and program components.


Link to a menu of membership forms.

Figuring Your Training Heart Rate Zone

Learn how to determine your training heart rate zone.

Before You Begin to Exercise

Read the recommendations to assist you in setting and working toward goals which will result in a successful exercise program.

Getting Started

Learn how to get started with a fitness program:

  • Participant Eligibility
  • Membership Fee
  • Program Entry Procedures
  • Physical Fitness Assessment and
  • Facility/Exercise Orientation.

More FPL-WELL Information

Learn how to contact the FPL-WELL staff for more information.