FPL | FPL-WELL Program Overview

FPL-WELL Program Overview

FPL-WELL's mission | Stages of development

The FPL-WELL Program is a well-rounded, cost-effective healthy promotion program reaching over 12,000 employees, retirees and their families. The components of the program include:

  • awareness and education
  • educational seminars
  • behavior-change programs and
  • a supportive environment.

FPL-WELL's mission

FPL launched its FPL-WELL Program in 1991 with the following mission statement:

To promote positive health changes that improves customer quality of life.

Stages of development

The FPL-WELL Program developed in stages:




FPL-WELL staff began in 1991 to alter the cultural environment by

  • saturating facilities with positive wellness messages
  • promoting healthy food options in cafeterias
  • promoting exercise and
  • weight loss and smoking-cessation incentives.


Starting in 1992, FPL-WELL planned and built 34 facilities ranging in size from 500 to 18,000 square feet at

  • Juno Beach
  • the Miami General Office
  • Plant St. Lucie Nuclear
  • Turkey Point Nuclear and
  • power plants and service centers.

They included

  • fitness facilities housing aerobic, strength-training, flexibility equipment and shower facilities and
  • a variety of exercise programs and classes.