FPL | Plant St. Lucie Fitness Center Equipment List

Plant St. Lucie Fitness Center Equipment List

Strength Training Equipment

Cardiovascular Training Equipment

Lido Leg Extension - (2)

Startrac - (2)

Lido Leg Curl - (2)

Startrac 2000 - (2)

Lido Chest Press - (2)

Concept II Rower

Lido Seated Row

Cross Conditioning System

Lido Bicep Curl

Precor EFX 546

Lido Abdominal Crunch

Precor EFX 544

Lido Back Extension

Cybex Semi Recumbent - (2)

Lido Seated Dip

Stairmaster 4000PT - (2)

Lido Lat Pulldown

Versa Climber CL 1080

Lido Chest Fly

Lifecycle 9100

Lido Shoulder Press - (2)

Schwinn Airdyne

Cybex Leg Press


Maxicam AB Crunch Bench

Reebok Slides & Steppers

Calf Raise Machine


Cybex Smith with Bench


Cybex Multi Station


Trotter Olympic Bench


Hammer Lateral Chest


Parabody Preacher Curl/Seated Calf - (2)


Paramount Dumbbell Benches -Incline/Flat - (2 each)


Cybex Incline & Decline Bench


Dumbbells 5-100 pounds, with Rack