FPL | Summary of Programs and Services

Summary of Programs and Services

Health promotion services | On-site health promotion seminars | Supportive environment

The FPL-WELL Program provides health management programs to employees, retirees and their families for the purpose of promoting positive changes and an improved quality of life. A summary of these programs and services includes

  • health promotion services
  • on-site health education seminars
  • behavior change programs and
  • a supportive environment

Health promotion services

The health promotion services include

  • screening for
    • heart health
    • blood pressure
    • PSA
  • health risk appraisal
  • fitness testing
  • a lending library
  • self presentation packages and
  • a monthly newsletter at the fitness centers

On-site health promotion seminars

The on-site health promotion seminars include

  • blood pressure awareness
  • risk factors for heart disease
  • healthy back
  • ergonomics
  • stretch break
  • nutrition/weight management
  • smoking cessation
  • weight management
  • exercise facilities
  • medical self-care and
  • stress management

Supportive environment

Supportive environment measures include

  • employee assistance program available to most retirees. To connect with EAP, please call 1-877-388-2194, or visit www.liveandworkwell.com, access code “fpl.” The website contains information on providers, life-events, and over 3000 articles on human relation issues.
  • wellness rebates for smoking cessation program participation, Weight Watchers participation, or commercial/community fitness center utilization.
  • healthy meals in cafeterias and
  • a volunteer wellness coordinator network.