FPL | Meter Reading

Meter Reading

  • If you have an activated smart meter, we obtain your meter information remotely through our secure network. If you have a traditional meter (not a smart meter), a trained FPL employee visits your facility each month and reads your electric meter, assuming it can be safely accessed.

    If you are not charged for demand and are not on a time-of-use rate, your electricity charges are determined by subtracting the prior reading number from the current number. Similar to the way a car odometer tracks miles driven, the difference in electric meter numbers represents the amount of electricity you have used during the billing period.

  • Meter reading dates

    Meter reading dates vary from month to month due to holidays and weekends, but FPL makes it easy to track your next reading date as itís listed on your paper or online bill.

    Meter reading date reminder/call ahead service

    FPL offers pre-recorded, call-ahead service the evening before or the morning of your scheduled meter reading date. This allows you to provide safe access for FPL employees by securing dogs and unlocking access gates. Doing this will allow FPL's meter reader safe access, which means you get an accurate monthly bill and not an estimated bill. Please call us to enroll today.