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EDI for Procurement

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic exchange of business documents in a standardized format (ANSI X12) between FPL and your company. EDI simplifies your company's processes by interfacing with your internal systems, including order entry and accounts receivables systems.


EDI automates and streamlines your operations by simplifying your order, acknowledgment and payment process.

With EDI, your company can maximize its cash flow, reduce costs and improve data accuracy through reliable and secure electronic data exchanges.

How EDI for Procurement works

EDI lets you

  • receive orders and payments electronically
  • provide shipment status and
  • reduce cycle times and lead times .

To enroll, complete the following steps:






Verify with your company's technology department that this is a process your company is currently using.


Complete the Vendor EDI Information form to provide FPL with your company's EDI and contact information.


Select the types of transactions you would like to engage in with FPL:

  • 850-Receive purchase orders.
  • 855-Send purchase order acknowledgements.
  • 856-Send advance ship notices (ASN).
  • 810-Send invoices.
  • 820-Receive payments.


Exchange test files with FPL. After a successful test, FPL will begin exchanging the appropriate EDI transactions

How much does it cost?

The costs of EDI software and hardware vary, depending on your company's requirements and environment.