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Why Is My Bill So High?

If your bill seems higher than expected, there are several possible contributing reasons to consider. Since billing and meter reading errors are very few, it is far more likely that your higher than expected bill is the result of other factors that may impact your bill often without you realizing it.

To understand why your bill is so high its important to first recognize what type of usage pattern your facility has. The usage pattern for your business can often give clues to potential contributors to your higher than expected bills.

Determine Your Usage Pattern

Review your bills for the previous two years and compare the usage. When you review the months, you’ll notice months where usage (and costs) increase or others where they decrease. This reflects your facility’s usage pattern. You are likely to find one of five common usage patterns:



Possible contributing factors

What can I do?

Your usage is seasonally high

Consistent increases during certain months indicate higher use of cooling, heating or other seasonally linked equipment. Florida summers with higher temperatures or influx of tourists during high season may contribute to greater usage.

Seasonal patterns may reflect a need to strengthen operational practices during peak periods of the year. Using programmable thermostats ensures consistent HVAC usage, practices which minimize unused lights or light timers. You can also reduce the overall usage with greater use of energy efficiency measures.

Your usage is consistently high

If this is not the typical pattern for your type business, it can indicate multiple contributing factors ranging from equipment, operational and/or energy efficiency issues at your facility.

First check our business energy profiles to see if this is a normal usage pattern for your type business.If the pattern is not normal, contact FPL for an energy evaluation to determine if there are more efficient types of equipment you can use, as well as available incentives to help reduce your costs.

Your usage is slowly increasing

This may reflect certain types of equipment you use that may be on the brink of breaking down as they slowly lose their energy efficiency. This can be associated with motors or even seals around refrigeration equipment causing equipment to run longer etc.

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Or schedule a free On-site Business Energy Evaluation to determine the efficiency of the equipment you use and potential contributing culprits.

Your usage spiked

This may reflect an operational behavior such as turning on all equipment at once. The sudden surge of energy demanded from the system can catapult your account into a higher usage rate class. Energy that gradually flows into your facility costs less than energy that has the spigot turned wide open.

Ensure employees follow a process of gradually turning on equipment in phases. An FPL business energy specialist can identify the offending equipment during an energy evaluation and discuss special rates that may be more suitable for your operational usage patterns.

Same usage level/pattern but higher bill

This may reflect the impact of changes to fixed components of your bill such as fuel adjustments, municipal taxes, recovery fees etc. These changes are uncontrollable and simply a cost of doing business.

In this scenario having a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the increases may be necessary. This can begin with consideration of efficiency measures to control your bill and other operational measures to offset the increased costs. An FPL business energy specialist can assist with energy efficiency measures and our partner, the U.S. Small Business Administration can help you review all operational areas for a more effective operation.