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Determining Your Energy Usage

Identifying FPL meter readers | Meter reading dates | Providing for safe access | Call Ahead Service | Estimated bills | Reading your meter | Meter tampering

Every month a FPL meter reader comes by to read the electric meter. The amount of your bill is determined by subtracting the prior reading from the current reading. The difference represents the electricity that has been used during the billing period.

Identifying FPL meter readers

Generally, you should be able to use the following list to identify an FPL meter reader. FPL meter readers

  • carry a FPL photo identification card and
  • wear blue
    • shirts with the FPL logo and
    • hats with the FPL logo.

If a meter is located inside your residence or business and the meter reader has to enter the building, please ask to see their FPL identification.

Because your safety is important, if you believe that our employee will have difficulty accessing your meter, please call us so we can arrange to have the meter read.

Meter reading dates

The meter reading dates vary from month to month due to weekends, holidays. The next meter reading date can be seen on your last bill. It also is available on your last statement online. You will need your FPL account number.

Providing for safe access

FPL meter readers need a safe path to access and read your electric meter. Please look at where your electric meter is and determine if your yard and the path to the meter are safe for our employee to get an accurate monthly reading.

Here are some ways you can help to make this a safer job for our meter readers:

  • Is there a safe direct path to your meter free of obstructions, such as overgrown trees and / or bushes?
  • Are there any holes or objects in the path to the meter that may cause our employees to trip or slip?
  • Have you secured your dog with an adequate leash, fence or chain?

If you remove these obstacles, you will help our meter readers to work safely on your property and provide you with an accurate monthly billing.

Please call us if you have any questions regarding access to your electric meter.

Call Ahead Service

FPL offers a service of contacting our customers the evening before or the morning of the scheduled read date of their electric meter. The contact is a prerecorded "friendly reminder" that asks customers to provide safe access to the meter by securing any dogs and unlocking the gate.

Doing this will allow FPL's meter reader safe access, which means you get an accurate monthly bill and not an estimated bill.

To enroll in this program, please call us.

Estimated bills


When something prevents our meter readers from reading your meter, we will estimate your bill. Reasons for estimated bills include

  • severe weather
  • locked entrance or
  • dogs.


FPL makes the closest estimate possible based on your history of electric usage at your address. If we estimate your bill, it is stated as an estimate on your bill.


The meter is similar to the odometer in your car. With a new reading, we can correct the estimate to show actual usage from the last time that we read your meter. So, if the FPL estimate is too high or too low, the bill is automatically adjusted using the next actual reading.

Reading your meter

Energy consumption awareness starts with reading your electric meter.

Meter tampering

When someone steals electricity

  • it hurts honest, good paying customers and
  • adds to the cost of electricity.

If you believe someone may be tampering with an electric meter or stealing electricity, please call us and we will investigate.


Anyone caught stealing electricity or tampering with meters will be subject to full prosecution under Florida Statute 812.14