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Understanding Your Bill

  • Deposit Information

    Answers to all your frequently asked questions about your deposit.

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  • How Your Bill Is Determined

    FPL meter readers determine your usage on a monthly basis. Find out how they calculate usage and how to make it easier for them to access your meter.

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  • One of the Very Lowest Bills in the State

    FPL's typical business bills are among the very lowest of all utilities in the state and up to 30 percent below the national average. Learn what we're doing to make them even lower.

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  • Does Your Bill Seem High

    Common causes and explanations.

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  • Rates

    Rates, rules and regulations set by the Florida Public Service Commission

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  • How To Read Your Bill

    A step-by-step guide to help you understand the various parts of your bill

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  • Service Charges

    Information to help you understand the service fees on your bill

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  • View Your Bill

    Access up to six months of billing statements, and up to 24 months of payment and usage history.

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