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Employee energy awareness campaigns can uncover savings

Did you know that your employees can be your best energy conservation resource?

While new technologies and big capital projects generally get the most attention when it comes to energy conservation, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that engaging your employees is one of the best ways to enjoy reliable and sustainable savings.

Employee awareness campaigns can provide a boost for conservation initiatives at your place of business. By having employees actively engaged, you'll discover the real power of having so many eyes looking for day-to-day opportunities to reduce energy waste and increase efficiency. In addition, your company's culture of energy conservation will continue to find new opportunities to save now and in years to come.

Benefits for your business

Get ready to start enjoying the benefits of energy conservation while strengthening your business' bottom line.

  • Savings for your business: Lower energy and maintenance costs by getting employees actively engaged in reducing waste. Typical businesses save up to 10 percent on energy costs.
  • Energy leadership: Stand out from the pack as customers, peers and the community start to notice and recognize your energy conservation efforts.
  • Continuous improvement: Get ready to continue finding more ways to save as your business and its employees strengthen their commitment to conservation.

Eight keys to success

Many successful businesses and people set measurable objectives, develop plans to meet them and frequently monitor their progress. Follow these eight steps to get your business on the road to sustained long-term energy savings:

STEP 1: Make a Commitment
STEP 2: Assess Performance
STEP 3: Set Goals
STEP 4: Create Action Plan
STEP 5: Implement Action Plan
STEP 6: Evaluate Progress
STEP 7: Communicate results
STEP 8: Recognize Achievements

Employees can save at home, too

Your employees can continue their commitment to energy conservation by learning ways to lower their electric bills at home by taking an Online Home Energy Survey. Employees will receive an analysis of their home’s energy usage, as well as a personalized energy savings plan that show them where to save on energy costs. They will also receive energy recommendations for energy efficiency programs that can help them save money.

Workplace energy awareness tools

Turn off the lights

See unused lights?

Tools for employees

Window blinds

Computer sleep mode

Tools for business owners and managers

Rally your employees to save energy

Energy Planning Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Energy Planning Commercial Businesses

Sample Energy Policy

Additional Resources

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