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Business Energy Evaluation

  • Your business' energy needs are unique. FPL provides customized solutions to help you better manage your electricity expenses and identify ways you can save through our free Business Energy Evaluation. We recognize that reducing operating costs is crucial for businesses trying to stay competitive and run successfully. Take advantage of the Business Energy Evaluation!

    What happens during a Business Energy Evaluation (BEE)?

    Watch the FPL energy efficiency makeover at EPIC Behavioral Healthcare, St. Augustine. These changes may work for your business, nonprofit or home. Learn more.

    Watch a BEE take place at Big Dog Ranch. Learn more.

    Watch a BEE take place at the St. John’s Nursing Center. Learn more.

    • On-site Evaluation

      FPL energy experts audit your business' energy use and deliver a free customized report with energy saving solutions tailored to your unique energy needs.

    • Online Evaluation

      This free, online evaluation is geared towards the small business owner - you're eligible to participate if your FPL bill states that it's based on a rate called "General service non-demand."

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