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  • Don't let high energy costs slow you down. With simple improvements to your refrigeration unit, your business can save money while enhancing operations. FPL helps your business achieve this goal by offering tailored energy efficiency solutions.

    By installing these energy-saving devices, your business will cut down its energy usage and can qualify for incentives:

    • Anti-sweat heater controls: Cycle on and off to control condensation on doors and frames only when needed
    • Special doors with low or no heat: Prevent condensation with low or no electric heater
    • Hot gas reclaim: Incorporates hot gas reclaimed from refrigeration equipment to eliminate condensation

    And you'll save up to 50 percent on refrigeration costs, while helping the environment and improving your bottom line.

  • Start saving today

    Find out if your business is eligible for FPL's Refrigeration incentives by contacting your FPL program specialist:

    • Doug Cepuran (north area): (386) 254-2457
    • George Baro (east and south areas): (954) 327-3163
    • Mike Catarzi (west area): (941) 316-7184


    Looking for more ways to save? Check out our refrigeration maintenance tips and strategies for purchasing new equipment.