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  • FPL Values our Education Customers

    Everyday you work to educate Florida's next generation and to improve our adult workforce. FPL works to deliver reliable electricity that helps you do your job. We can also help educators save money on electricity costs through programs and incentives.

  • FPL Programs, Incentives and Information for Educational Facilities

    With FPL, learning about incentives that can benefit your school is easy:

    Not all energy solutions require big investments; a free Business Energy Evaluation can show you low-cost or no-cost options to save on electricity.

  • Energy Tips for Your School or University

    • Air conditioning and lighting systems consume the most energy in Florida education facilities. Learn more about optimizing these systems and make the most of FPL incentives
    • Did you know that your school might qualify for seasonal summer billing rates? Learn more
    • FPL is working to help schools save money by installing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels in each of the 28 school districts we serve
  • Billing and Payment Options with FPL

    Students are your number one priority. Streamline your business operations by taking advantage of FPL's billing and payment programs.