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  • FPL Supports our Healthcare Providers

    From emergency rooms to doctors' offices, FPL produces and delivers reliable energy that supports medical professionals' care for patients.

  • FPL Programs, Incentives and Information for Healthcare

    Our energy experts can help healthcare facilities, both large and small, save on electricity costs through the following programs and information:

    When your patients ask you how your healthcare facility helps the environment, we can help with the answer. FPL can help you save energy and reduce your environmental footprint through a Business Energy Evaluation. Get started today.

    See what the St. John’s Nursing Center learned about cutting costs through a Business Energy Evaluation.

  • Energy Tips for Your Healthcare Business

    • For healthcare facilities, AC and lighting systems comprise the leading energy costs. Learn more about optimizing these systems and make the most of FPL incentives
    • Are you an administrator for a medical practice? Learn about FPL programs that can help you save energy dollars, and maximize patient and staff comfort
    • Learn more quick, low-cost efficiency measures hospital energy managers can take to lower electrical costs
  • Billing and Payment Options with FPL

    Patients come first. FPL provides you with timesaving billing and payment options to streamline your business operations.