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  • FPL Values our Hospitality Industries

    With theme parks, tropical islands and miles of sandy beaches, Florida is a natural destination for visitors from around the world. FPL works to generate electricity that supports a strong tourism industry.

  • FPL Programs, Incentives and Information for Hospitality

    Hotels and motels use large amounts of energy to keep guests comfortable. FPL can help facilities, of all sizes, save on energy costs:

    Improving the environment is just one more way you can make your guests feel comfortable. Schedule your free Business Energy Evaluation today.

  • Energy Tips for Your Travel Facility

    • Today, AC systems and lighting comprise the leading energy costs in hospitality establishments. Learn more about optimizing these systems and make the most of FPL incentives
    • Discover kitchen ventilation solutions that can help your dining operations save on energy costs
    • Reflective roofing can help your establishment save as much as 10% on energy costs and keep your guests cooler
  • Billing and Payment Options with FPL

    We work hard to deliver reliable electricity that helps travelers enjoy the Sunshine State. Save time and take advantage of our billing and payment options: