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  • Cooking up Good Things for Restaurants and Food Services

    Every day, FPL energy experts work to generate and deliver the electricity that allows your business to succeed. For Florida's restaurants and food service companies, this means better cuisine and enhanced dining experiences for your customers.

  • FPL Programs, Incentives and Information for Restaurants

    Food providers use large amounts of electricity keeping ingredients fresh and restaurant spaces comfortable. FPL can help you reduce your business' energy costs:

    Save money by cutting waste. Through a Business Energy Evaluation, our energy experts can show you how to reduce kitchen operating costs while improving the environment by reducing your electricity use.

  • Energy Tips for Your Restaurant

    • Today, A/C, lighting and refrigeration systems comprise the leading energy costs in restaurants. Learn more about how you can lower your energy costs by optimizing these systems and making the most of FPL incentives
    • A well-ventilated kitchen saves energy while allowing you to better prepare the delicious meals your customers enjoy. Learn more about FPL ventilation incentives
    • Want to save money on Demand Charge? Learn more about why FPL charges for demand and how you can reduce these costs.
  • Billing and Payment Options with FPL

    FPL works hard to bring you reliable electricity service and a bill that is among the lowest in the state. Make the most of our timesaving billing and payment options: