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  • FPL Supports our Retail Merchants

    Whether you rent or own, the electricity bill is often the largest operating expense for Florida retailers. We work hard to keep your bill among the lowest in the state while also providing information that can help you lower your energy bills.

  • FPL Programs, Incentives and Information for Retail

    We believe that your success is our success, so we provide information and resources to help you reduce your business' energy costs:

    Want to beat the competition? Make sure you aren't wasting electricity. Schedule a free Business Energy Evaluation to learn customized solutions for lowering your energy bills.

  • Energy Tips for Your Retail Business

    • Lighting, cooling and small appliances consume the most energy in Florida's retail businesses. Learn more about optimizing these systems and make the most of FPL incentives.
    • Find out which types of retail window and display lighting can save you the most.
    • Get an immediate return on a no-cost investment by teaching your employees energy saving habits that will save money for your business!
  • Billing and Payment Options with FPL

    Be smart about business operations and save time through FPL's billing and payment programs.