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Building Envelope Improvements: Insulate Your Business from High Energy Costs

Upgrade and save

Is your building well insulated? Because if your business has a poorly insulated roof or inefficient windows, chances are your air conditioning and ventilating equipment are working extremely hard to keep unwanted heat out of your building. And that means higher energy costs.

FPL's Business Building Envelope Program can help you save energy and money by providing incentives for adding or installing:

  • Roof and ceiling insulation
  • Reflective roof measures
  • Spray polyurethane foam (SPUF)
  • Window treatments (i.e., solar film, solar screens, or high efficiency window replacements).

With more efficient roofs, ceilings and windows, you will benefit from:

  • Lower air conditioning bills every year
  • A more comfortable environment for employees and patrons
  • A longer life for business equipment and furnishings

How to qualify

Qualifying is easy, as long as:

Your energy efficiency options

FPL’s Business Building Envelope program includes incentives for:

  • Roof or ceiling insulation
    - $0.05 to $0.15 per square foot of insulation installed over air conditioned space of an existing building.
    - When your current roof’s R-value is 7.0 or less and the final thermal resistance reaches at least R-19
  • Spray polyurethane foam (SPUF)
    - $0.45 per square foot of reflective roof coating installed on SPUF roofs larger than 40,000 square feet
    - Additional $0.05 per square foot for insulation requirements
    - When you meet all roof and ceiling qualifications and a protective coating is installed over foam insulation to protect the SPUF from ultraviolet light
  • Reflective roof surfaces
    - $0.45 per square foot of reflective roof measure
    - When you install light-colored metal roofs, rubber-like or thermoplastic reflective membranes or reflective coatings that are Energy Star compliant
    - When the existing solar reflectance of your roof is 40% and the retrofit application reflects at least 73% of the sun’s heat. Light-colored metal roofs must reflect at least 65%.
  • Window film treatments
    - Up to $1 per square foot of qualifying glass facing west, southwest or northwest
    - When you install solar film, solar screens or high efficiency window replacements.

Start saving today

For more information about FPL’s energy-saving programs and services:

  • Visit us on the Web for more rebates and incentives
  • Call our Business Customer Care Center at 1-800-FPL-5566 (1-800-375-5566), or 
  • Contact your customer manager.