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FPL Care To Share® Assistance

The FPL Care To Share® Program is:

  • Sponsored by FPL and is designed to provide emergency assistance funds to customers who are in a crisis situation and unable to pay their electric bill
  • Funded by FPL corporate contributions, FPL employee donations and customer contributions
  • Administered by local nonprofit and/or government agencies that qualify customers based on criteria established by FPL.

How much assistance can a customer receive?

A household may receive assistance of up to a maximum of $500 for electric service once in a 12-month period. Exceptions to this limit may be made by the administrating agency, based on special circumstances and with approval of FPL.

How to apply for assistance?

Customers seeking assistance may call FPL Customer Service, their local information and referral service, or the partner agency administering FPL Care To Share in their area. To inquire about FPL Care To Share assistance, view the list FPL Care To Share Partner Agencies. Here, you’ll find contact information (by county), including agency names and telephone numbers for the agency nearest you. Such agencies include The Salvation Army, government agencies and other social service providers.

You may be advised to apply in person at the Care To Share agency. You may also be required to provide proof of income for your entire household.

Each agency uses the program eligibility guidelines shown below in the qualifying process, but may add additional criteria, based on availability of funding, volume of applicants and other considerations. Households with seniors, children under 10 or those with disabled persons may be given priority consideration.

Please be aware that the need for assistance far exceeds the funding available, so many households may not receive assistance. Additionally, FPL plays no role in determining household eligibility or the amount of assistance an agency may provide. Such decisions are made solely by the administering agencies and their caseworkers/employees.

Who is eligible for Care To Share?

To be eligible for FPL Care To Share Program funds, FPL customers must:

  • Physically reside in FPL’s service area
  • Have an account with FPL or reside at the service location
  • Have identification with the same address as the FPL account (Client does not need to be customer of record to apply for assistance.)
  • Possess a delinquent FPL bill, final notice or disconnect notice (Current bill may also be eligible, if the agency caseworker deems it appropriate.)
  • Be in imminent danger of being disconnected (or have already had service disconnected)
  • Have a plan to pay future bills
  • Show proof of a personal or family crisis
  • Have exhausted other available energy assistance sources, such as government-funded programs
  • Have a household income that falls at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty level (The incomes of all persons residing at the service address are to be included.)
    • Note: The administering agency may exercise flexibility in expanding income levels based on special recipient situations.
  • Sign an Authorization for Release of General and/or Confidential Information
  • Not have a history of fraud or service tampering (the same applies to anyone living in the household). This may include – but is not limited to – using a minor or fictitious name, unauthorized connection of the meter or tampering with the service in any way.
    • Note: FPL views fraud and service tampering very seriously. A client with a history of fraud or service tampering is not permitted to receive an FPL Care To Share Program commitment. FPL reserves the right to pursue payment from the customer for any charges related to the fraud or service-tampering activity. None of those charges can be paid for by FPL Care To Share Program funds.

Read more about the FPL Care To Share Program. (41k PDF)

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