FPL | Marine Education Center

College of Turtle Knowledge at the FPL Energy Encounter

Located on the grounds of the St. Lucie nuclear plant, the College of Turtle Knowledge is a stimulating learning and resource center for teachers, students and the general public by appointment.

The College of Turtle Knowledge offers the following activities:


FPL's turtle attraction, hosted by Professor Thaddeus C. Turtle, explains how FPL protects, monitors and studies the sea turtles in our area.

  • Crawl through a TED (turtle exclusion device) to see how a turtle can escape from a shrimp net.
  • See models of the five different sea turtle species found on the Treasure Coast and a simulation of their natural habitat.

Call for additional information, or
take our virtual tour for a first impression.




FPL Turtle Walks are conducted
Friday and Saturday nights in
June and July 

These walks are
extremely popular
and limited by permit to 50 people. The presentations begin at 9 p.m. at the Energy Encounter. Once a turtle is sighted, the group is taken to the beach to watch her lay her eggs. 


Reservations are required.
The reservation number is 1-800-334-5483, and the line opens for reservations on May 1.