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Our registration process lets you log in just once during your online session and then have easy access to all of your account information.

This one-time registration also makes ongoing access to our Web site easier, since you will only need to remember your user ID and password.

Customers' online transactions -- including account history, service requests and bill payments -- are protected during data transmission by secure encryption technology.

One-time Registration

Our registration process allows you to

  • create your own user ID and password
  • link any or all of your accounts to one user ID
  • view one or all of your accounts with just one log-in and
  • manage your accounts more efficiently.

To register, you will need your FPL account number and the Social Security, Social Insurance or Tax ID number associated with your account.

Your e-mail address and personal information are only used for verification purposes if you forget your password.

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This form prompts you for the following information you provided when you registered:

  • Bill Account Number
  • The last 6 digits of the Social Security, Social Insurance, or Tax ID number (SSN/SIN/TIN) corresponding to your Bill Account.

If the information you provide is correct, your FPL User ID will be automatically sent to the email address corresponding to your FPL.com Web Registration Profile.

Forgotten Password

This form prompts you for the following information your provided when you registered:

  • user ID
  • e-mail address and
  • security answer.

If the information you provide is correct, then we will prompt you to create a new password.

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This form prompts you to change your password.

Registration Information Update

This form prompts you to change/update information for your online registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Look here for answers about our online services registration process.