FPL | Automatic Connect

FPL Automatic Connect for Landlords and Property Managers

Have power when you need it.

FPLs Automatic Connect Program ensures qualified landlords and property managers always have power in their rental units when they need it.

This program automatically connects electric service in the landlord/property managers name when tenants move out and cancel service. This means,

  • Landlords wont have to call each time a tenant moves out to have power connected and open an account.
  • Landlords will have electric service in case they need it to clean, show or paint the premise.
  • Important electrical devices like refrigerators and outdoor security lights will continue to operate without interruption.
  • Landlords will be responsible for the electric usage until FPL is advised to activate service for the new tenant.

Eligibility requirements.

For landlords or property managers to be eligible for the Automatic Connect program, they must meet these requirements:

  • Have the accounts under a business name, and maintain two or more accounts under that name.
  • Have a residential-rate rental complex with multiple units or tenants.
  • Maintain electric service for a temporary time period between tenants.
  • Maintain a good payment history with FPL.
  • Provide FPL with a list of all the House meters and rental properties, and notify FPL whenever they wish to change this agreement (i.e. discontinue, add or delete a rental property).

Automatic Connect agreement will be reviewed annually to ensure that landlords and property managers remain eligible.

Its easy to enroll.

Download this form and fax it back to FPL at 1-800-888-1860 to enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions about Automatic Connect

Will a deposit be required?

The deposit amount will be the sum of $25 per rental unit. FPL requires this deposit be paid within ten days of the activation date. The only additional charge is the regular $14.88 service charge, which is billed every time an account is opened.

You may satisfy the deposit requirement with cash, a Surety Bond from an insurance company or an Irrevocable Bank Letter of Credit from your bank. In order to establish a Surety Bond or Letter of Credit, your company must be registered with the State of Florida, and the proper TAX ID Number must be provided. If you wish to pursue one of the non-cash options, we will send you the proper documents. Once we receive and approve the documents, your cash deposit will be refunded.

What happens if a tenant is disconnected for non-payment?

If a tenant has been disconnected for non-payment, the account will not be opened in the business name automatically. Landlords will need to call FPL to connect the service.

What is FPLs policy if youre not on this program?

When a tenant moves out, FPL may disconnect electric service within a day or so of the tenants request to cancel service, and service will not be connected until a new tenant or the landlord calls to start electric service.

If you opt not to participate in Automatic Connect, please be sure to remind vacating tenants to prepare the apartment for the disconnection of electric service. This may include:

  • Leaving the door open on any refrigerators remaining on the premises to prevent mold.
  • Turning off major appliances and electronics.
  • Removing items from their stove and range.

How long will service take to reconnect once we call, if we choose to not enroll in the program?

FPL will connect service on the same day if the request is made by 2 p.m.