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New Electric Service

FPL's Electric Service Standards | Electrical inspections

FPL strives to supply our customers needs for electric service as efficiently, reliably, and economically as possible. Close coordination between FPL, the builder and the customer is necessary throughout the planning and construction stages.

FPL's Electric Service Standards

FPL's Electric Service Standards (542kb .pdf file) are available online for your convenience. They are intended to furnish information often required by builders, electricians, customers, etc about to receive FPL's electric service.

So, if you're

  • looking for FPL to provide new electric service or
  • an electrician looking for some time saving hints, check this out.

This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have it, download it now.

Electrical inspections

An electrical inspection may be required by law before electricity can be turned on for the following

  • a newly constructed home or business
  • a newly-wired home or business or
  • a home or business that has been vacant for awhile.

Your electrician or building contractor can verify that an inspection by the city or county

  • has been done and
  • that FPL has been notified.

FPL cannot arrange for an electrical inspection.