FPL | Business Deposit Policies

Business Deposits

Our billing and deposit practices promote fairness by ensuring that all customers pay for the electricity they use. Since electricity is billed after it is used and then payment not due for another three weeks, we require business customers to secure their accounts with a deposit.

  • Your initial deposit is due when your account is opened.

  • We offer several convenient payment options.

  • Your deposit is equal to approximately two months' average bills at the service address.

  • Your deposit amount will be reviewed to ensure it holds the correct amount

    • after it has been open for six months.

    • if two late payments are made within a six-month period.

  • Your deposit will be held until the account is closed.

  • It begins to earn 2 percent interest once youve paid your electric bill in full for six months. The interest

    • is credited to your account annually in June.

    • is increased to 3 percent after 23 months of on-time payments.

Alternatives to a cash deposit include a Surety Bond or Letter of Credit. You should consider these alternatives if you have a large cash deposit amount. You can read more about these options here.