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Overhead to Underground Conditions

Thank you for your interest in converting your residential service drop from overhead to underground. Your service drop is the line that comes from the power line or pole behind or in front of your house to your meter.

Customers who wish to have the line to their home buried will also need to convert the meter can and downpipe to accept underground service. This requires a licensed electrician and in most cases an electrical permit. Since this work may trigger building codes that require an older home's wiring to be brought up to today’s standards, it’s important to check with the proper authorities before getting started. Homeowners also need to arrange for a trench to be dug from the pole to the meter location to hold FPL-provided PVC for the underground cable.

To convert your service, there is a flat fee of $584.45 that would be due to FPL along with possible additional costs that depend on a number of variables such as:

  • Whether your local government’s electrical authority requires electrical installation or wiring to be upgraded as part of your conversion.
  • Whether an electrician (or another tradesperson) will do the work to dig and backfill the trench needed to bring the underground facilities from the easement to the building.
  • The length of trench that’s needed to accommodate the conversion.
  • Whether the existing overhead “weatherhead” extends through the roof of the building, in which case you may need to incur the cost of roof repair as well as paint and aesthetics.

These costs and arrangements are separate from the work FPL would handle and are the responsibility of the customer, just as they would be in seeking to convert from a septic tank to a sewer system or other similar efforts. For more information, visit our underground conversion section.

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