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To provide reliable electric service to our customers, FPL ensures that the pathways exist for tens of thousands of miles of power lines to carry electricity  for current and future needs within our 35-county service area. To do this, FPL regularly obtains easements on private and public lands for its equipment and facilities, including transmission poles and power lines that carry high-voltage electricity.

What is an easement?

An easement is a legal right to do something on another person’s land. Easements provide FPL and other utilities a legal right to access public or private land for specific purposes such as:

  • The construction and installation of power lines, poles and other equipment
  • The right to re-enter the property for purposes of maintaining, repairing, replacing or changing power lines and equipment
  • The right to enter the property to remove any obstructions and trim trees or other vegetation within the easement area that might interfere with operating or accessing FPL facilities

Learn more about easements and what customers can do to keep our easements safe and free from obstructions.

Easement Checklist

The following will need to be completed before FPL can begin construction.