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Rights Of Way And Easements

In order to provide electric service to your new construction project, an easement may be required. An easement gives FPL the right to install, access and maintain its electric facilities on private property. Easements are required for all FPL facilities except service laterals. There are two types of easements requested by FPL, formal and platted.

Formal Easements

A formal easement describes the easement area within a specific parcel of property, usually to accommodate FPL equipment. You will be responsible for having the easement described, notarized and recorded in the public records of the county before FPL can begin construction.

Platted Easements

A platted easement is granted by the landowner when platting a parcel of property. The portions of the property dedicated to utilities are shown on the plat. It is important that FPL notes the required easement area before completion of the platting process.

Easement Checklist

The following will need to be completed before FPL can begin construction.