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Outdoor Lights

This service provides year-round security lighting for residential, commercial or municipal areas. Outdoor lights are generally provided where the home or property has utility pole(s) on or adjacent to the property. FPL’s service includes:

  • No up-front costs for installation.
  • Agreement for minimum one year.
  • Separate monthly FPL bill.

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Street Lights

This program provides basic lighting for public or private streets and roadways. FPL’s turn-key service includes:

  • Expert installation.
  • No ownership risk – FPL owned.
  • FPL-provided maintenance.
  • Vandal Shields.
  • Agreement required for an initial term of 10 years.

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Decorative Street Lights

This option is an attractive alternatives to the basic street lighting program. FPL’s program includes:

  • Wide selection of fixtures and poles.
  • Expert installation.
  • No ownership risk since they are FPL owned.
  • FPL-provided maintenance.

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Environmentally Sensitive Lighting

Artificial light near nesting beaches can negatively affect the sea turtle nesting process by interfering with normal nocturnal behaviors of sea turtles.

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