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Landscape Planning

As a Builder / Contractor, your main focus in the design of the landscape is aesthetics. Although newly planted trees may appear to have adequate clearance from overhead power lines, they can quickly grow into these lines and cause power outages. The mature size of a plant should be considered when selecting your planting location.

Right tree, right place

By choosing to plant the right tree in the right place, you will improve the appearance and value of your property while avoiding a negative impact to the electric service. A landscape planning guide is available to assist your landscape planners in incorporating their design around FPL facilities.


Your landscape plan will have a direct effect on the quality of the electric service provided at that location. Any trees planted or preserved that interfere with the electric facilities will be pruned to clear the facilities and to eliminate potential safety hazards. This action may impact the aesthetic quality of the landscape design.

Underground electrical service

Padmounted transformers must be kept clear of landscape plantings, so FPL crews can open the doors for restoration and maintenance efforts. Specific guidelines for planting near underground equipment will ensure that future access to transformers is efficient and safe.

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Helpful resources

Your project manager can provide technical assistance before you implement your landscape design. Local landscape ordinances may also provide helpful information related to your specific job.