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Finalize the details of your project and provide feedback on our construction process.

If you have not already established your electric service account, please do one of the following:

  1. Submit your request online. You will need your www.FPL.com User ID and Password to log-in to your FPL billing account.
  2. Fax a multiple electrical service account request.
  3. Call FPL Customer Care at 1-800-226-3545.

View our frequently asked questions and answers about deposits.

Review your project design plans and determine if you require any additional assistance from FPL to complete your project.

During our construction process, FPL minimizes the disturbance of established lawns and pavement wherever possible. While we try our best not to disturb any existing paving, vegetation or lawns, it is not always possible. Once construction is complete, FPL will review your property for any damage that occurred during construction and restore the affected areas to an agreed upon condition. The time required for restoration of your property will depend on weather conditions and the extent of the disturbed area.

Please submit your feedback to help us improve our construction process. Be sure to select “Builder/Contractor General Question” from the drop down subject menu.

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