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FPL will work with you during the design of your project. A site visit may be required to discuss equipment details and metering requirements for more complex installations. You should:

    1. Provide FPL with your updated and preferred contact information.
    2. Review preliminary design drawings and provide feedback or approval to FPL. During this stage of construction, you may also need to complete an easement form.
    3. Submit a request for a fault current letter, if required, to properly identify your protective equipment for your project. Be sure to select "Request Fault Current Letter" in the subject drop down menu.
    4. Review specific fee information (e.g. tariff charges and deposits) and remit any required payments so that construction can begin.
    5. Ask your Project Manager for applicable forms and specifications that may be required in the next stage of construction.
    6. Inform FPL of any design, schedule or construction site changes. Keep in mind that these changes may result in additional costs and/or delays in the construction schedule.

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