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Initiation and Planning

When you first begin planning your project, you should contact FPL as early as possible – even before the final county plat is approved. Once FPL receives your request, we will schedule a Project Manager for your project, and he or she will contact you to complete this stage of construction.

You should:

  1. Notify FPL of New Construction Project.
  2. Request a service availability letter, if necessary, for your lending institution. Be sure to select "Request Service Availability Letter" in the subject drop down menu.
  3. Complete the Checklist for Residential Projects or the Checklist for Commercial and Industrial Projects.
  4. Determine the estimated design and construction schedule based on the size, scope, and installation responsibilities of your project. Be sure to identify any FPL equipment that needs to be relocated or removed.
  5. Determine the type of temporary electric service, or submit your request now.
  6. Review environmental permit requirements.

Once you provide this information to your Project Manager, FPL will begin the design phase of the construction process. You can also e-mail project plans and other information to your FPL Project Manager.

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Initiation and Planning > Design > Approval > Construction > Completion