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Electronic Commerce

Electronic commerce makes good business sense for NextEra Energy Inc and our suppliers. Among NextEra Energy Inc's electronic commerce tools are:

  • Electronic RFP's and reverse auctions enhance the process through use of Internet technology, bringing benefits to NextEra Energy Inc and its suppliers. NextEra Energy Inc uses technology powered by Frictionless Commerce. Electronic sourcing offers benefits such as:
    • allowing suppliers to compete in a fair electronic forum for NextEra Energy Inc's business
    • enabling NextEra Energy Inc to identify those suppliers in the best position to deliver increased value to NextEra Energy Inc and its customers, and
    • providing a way to expedite the negotiation process for suppliers and NextEra Energy Inc.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), providing standard electronic document processing for:
    • NextEra Energy Inc orders
    • advanced shipping notices and
    • invoices.
  • Financial Electronic Data Interchange (FEDI), providing the means to directly transfer payment to the bank accounts of our participating suppliers.
  • ePro, an electronic procurement application allowing NextEra Energy Inc users to access electronic supplier catalogs and place orders over the Internet to selected suppliers.