FPL | Supplier Connection - Safe and secure workplace

Safe and Secure Workplace

One of FPL's highest priorities is ensuring that our employees, contractors and associates work in a safe and secure work environment.

All suppliers who perform on-site services for FPL are required to adopt FPL's Safe and Secure Workplace Policy and abide by its provisions. The policy covers three specific areas:

  • controlled substance and alcohol abuse
  • pre-assignment screening and
  • workplace violence policies.

Experience Modification Rate (EMR)

The Experience Modification Rate (EMR) for workers' compensation is one of the criteria used by FPL in evaluating potential suppliers. During the supplier registration process, we request your most recent EMR.

Unless extenuating circumstances exist, it is FPL's policy to contract only with suppliers whose EMR is 1.0 or lower. Should your firm's EMR exceed 1.0 due to such circumstances, you may be asked to provide documentation supporting this opinion.

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