Energy Smart Florida

Energy Smart Florida

Putting you in control.

When FPL completes the transition to smart meters in your area, you will be able to see how much energy you are using by the hour, day or month – and make more informed, convenient choices. You're in control.

When you have access to the Energy Dashboard, you'll be able to go online or call us to see how much electricity you're using by the hour, day and month, putting you in control and helping you to make more informed energy choices. If you're trying to save on your energy costs, you won't have to wait until you get your bill at the end of the month to see how much you're spending.

Greater convenience. FPL will no longer need access to your property every month to read the meter. That's because the new smart meter enables remote two-way communication between the meter and FPL, enabling us to get accurate meter readings without inconveniencing customers whose meters are hard to access. And if you move out of your home or business, we'll be able to provide an accurate meter reading instead of estimating or prorating the bills.

In addition, if you call us with a billing question, we will be able to review detailed usage information with you and answer your questions more efficiently.

You will realize these benefits when the transition to smart meters has been completed in your area. This can take several months after the smart meter has been installed. That's because there are a lot of associated communications and networking components that must be put into place to enable communication. Once all of these elements are installed, FPL performs extensive tests to verify that the performance of the system meets our strict criteria. In the interim, FPL will continue to read the meter manually. When the smart meter is activated, FPL will begin billing based on the remote readings from the meter. You will then be able to access their detailed usage information online or, if you don't have internet access, by calling FPL's Customer Care Center.

Your personal energy dashboard can help you take more control over your energy use and monthly bills.


"Being able to monitor your electricity use is a powerful tool for consumers. The online portal doesn't automatically reduce your bills. But if you use its features and take simple steps to reduce your usage, you will save money."
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