Energy Smart Florida

Energy Smart Florida

Helping FPL deliver more reliable electric service.

By investing in advanced technologies, FPL is able to prevent many power outages and, if they do occur, get the lights back on faster.

  • Outage prevention: With performance and diagnostic centers gathering and analyzing data like "nerve centers" on the grid, we can perform predictive maintenance before brewing issues become disruptive problems.

  • Outage identification: Advanced sensors and switches can help quickly identify an outage and reroute power around the trouble spot, preventing more widespread outages.

  • Faster restoration: Advanced monitoring equipment will communicate the location of outages to mobile crews for faster repair and restoration.

Reliability Devices and Systems

Here are examples of the advanced technologies that FPL is installing on power lines, equipment and substations:

  • Predictive Diagnostic Software will help us quickly detect deviations from normal operations and launch actions to minimize their impact.

  • Phasor Measurement Units at substations will help identify stress points on the grid and restore service more quickly after outages.

  • Line Protection and Control Systems will allow for the remote assessment of equipment operating conditions and help enable remote power restoration.

  • Digital Disturbance Recorders at electrical substations will capture detailed information on system disturbances for analysis and correction.

  • Feeder Breaker and Regulator Intelligent Devices will help FPL identify fault locations and improve power quality by providing operators in FPL Control Centers with remote access to regulator control panels.


  • FPL customers already receive more than 99.98 percent service reliability which is among the best in the nation.

  • FPL is installing more than 9,000 smart devices on the electrical grid to help improve service reliability.

  • By 2020, smart grid technologies could reduce the cost of power interruptions by more than 75 percent and save American industry more than $150 billion a year.

    Source: Electric Power Research Institute

Exploring the Benefits of the Smart Grid

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Imagine a power grid smart enough to detect problems, prevent outages and report them when they do occur – speeding the restoration of power in your neighborhood.