Energy Smart Florida

Energy Smart Florida

A smarter grid is good news for you and Florida.

Imagine a power grid smart enough to detect problems, prevent many outages, and help to speed the restoration of power.

Imagine having access to your electricity usage by the hour to help you better control your bills.

Imagine an electric grid ready to accommodate more widespread use of solar power and electric vehicles.

These are just a handful of the smart grid's possibilities.

FPL customers have told us that updating our grid is a priority, and we're responding with investments that will take advantage of the latest technology to make our grid smarter and more reliable.

By integrating wireless communications, software and automation technologies into our existing infrastructure, FPL is building a more reliable, more efficient, cleaner electric system. You'll experience the direct benefits: the smart grid will give families and businesses more reliable service and the tools they need to take more control over their energy use.

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FPL Energy Smart Florida: Overview

Energy Smart Florida Overview

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