Energy Smart Florida

Energy Smart Florida

A new tool that gives you more information, control and convenience.

Most electric meters in place today are based on older technology, with moving mechanical parts that record how much electricity you use. Meter readers must visit your property monthly to read the devices manually.

Smart meters are digital devices that measure your electricity use via a secure wireless network. In combination with other technologies in the smart grid, smart meters will make it possible for FPL to deliver a variety of benefits to you and all customers, including better reliability and more information and control over your energy bills.

Smart meter installation is simple and provided at no additional charge to you. As long as we can access the meter, you don't even need to be present.

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FPL Meters Getting Smart


"If people choose to use the customer portal, they will definitely see benefits. Changing our energy habits has saved our family about $100 dollars a month compared to similar homes in our area. We're using less energy ... and leaving less of an environmental footprint."
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