Energy Smart Florida

Energy Smart Florida

The benefits of smart grid technology are coming to you and your neighbors.

FPL's investment in smart grid technologies under the Energy Smart Florida program began in 2010 and will continue in phases across the state through 2013.

It will take several months after your smart meter is installed to realize the initial benefits. That's because there are other network components that must be put into place. Once all of these elements are installed, FPL performs extensive tests to verify the system's performance and security.

When all of the pieces are in place, FPL will notify you that your meter has been activated for remote billing, and you will then be able to access your personal Energy Dashboard to see how much energy you are using by the hour, day and month. Learn More

In the meantime, FPL will continue to read the old meter manually and bill you as we have in the past.


"I thought I had a pretty good grasp of my electricity use, but I was shooting in the dark. I've used lots of energy-saving devices over the years – FPL's online portal is the best tool yet! Energy efficiency not only saves me money, it's also good for the environment."
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