Energy Smart Florida

Energy Smart Florida

Reliability, control and convenience.

FPL's investments in smart grid technologies, including smart meters, will deliver many benefits to you and your neighbors.


We'll be able to spot problems and prevent many outages before they occur. And we'll be able to restore service faster when outages do occur.

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Control and Convenience

When FPL completes the transition to smart meters in your area, you will be able learn how much energy you are using by the hour, day or month – and make more informed, convenient choices. You're in control.

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  • By 2020, smart grid technologies could reduce the cost of power interruptions by more than 75 percent and save American industry more than $150 billion.

    Source: Electric Power Research Institute

  • Smart grid technologies will help integrate cleaner renewable energy sources and electric vehicles into the power grid, helping reduce air emissions by as much as 25 percent in the United States.

    Source: Electric Power Research Institute

  • Making the US national electric grid just 5 percent more efficient would have clean-air benefits equal to permanently eliminating the fuel and air emissions of 53 million cars.

    Source: U.S. Department of Energy

FPL's Smart Grid: A Customer's Perspective


"Being able to monitor your electricity use is a powerful tool for consumers. The online portal doesn't automatically reduce your bills. But if you use its features and take simple steps to reduce your usage, you will save money."
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