FPL | Electricity & Our Environment

Electricity & Our Environment

Our Commitment to the Environment: Among the cleanest and most efficient utilities in the world, FPL strives for continuous improvement.

Generating Power for Our Future: We're meeting our customers' growing needs by sound planning and low cost, reliable and environmentally responsible expansion.

Getting Power to Our Customers: FPL employees are hard at work caring for the power grid so it will reliably deliver electricity to nearly 8 million customers.

Nuclear Power Serves You: Our top performing plants provide clean, safe and efficient energy.

Alternative Energy: FPL is pioneering efforts to develop renewable and alternative energy sources for customers.

Recycling Energy in New Ways: Our success has led other utilities to look to FPL as a leader in the field of recycling and innovative reuse.

Plant Operations & Toxic Release Inventory: Information about our power plant operations and environmental performance.

FPL's Swamp Preservation Efforts: We preserve a 400-acre freshwater cypress swamp in western Martin County.

Florida's Endangered Species: FPL's programs to protect endangered species are key to our environmental efforts.

Florida's Exotic & Invasive Species: Florida's ecosystems are unique. Exotic species are negatively affecting the state's flora and fauna.

Environmental Education: A list of environmental agencies, organizations, education, wildlife and park sites.

Electric and Magnetic Fields: Information on the invisible energy fields that are present wherever there is electricity.

Everglades Mitigation Bank: Benefits for landowners and the environment.