FPL | How You Can Help the Southern Bald Eagle

How You Can Help the Southern Bald Eagle

The following list contains things that you can do to promote the recovery of the bald eagle.

  • Drive slowly, especially on rural roads, and watch out for wildlife crossing the road or feeding on road kills.
  • If you find an injured or dead eagle, contact
    • the Audubon of Florida Center for Birds of Prey at 1-407-644-0190
    • the nearest Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission office, or
    • Wildlife Alert at 1-888-404-3922.
  • Be aware of wildlife while hiking, camping and fishing.
  • Do not leave trash or discard fishing line since they may tangle and harm eagles and other animals.
  • Become informed about environmental issues. Join a conservation group and let your public officials know that the conservation of wildlife is important to you. Through your actions and concern, you can ensure a future for Florida's bald eagles.

For additional information on bald eagle resources, see Additional Southern Bald Eagle Resources.