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Florida Manatee


FPL provides the Riviera Beach Next Generation Clean Energy Center Manatee Cam for entertainment or educational purposes only. View our live manatee cam.

Protecting a gentle giant

The Florida manatee is a large marine mammal that can reach 3,500 pounds and more than 12 feet long. These gentle, inquisitive, marine mammals were once hunted for their meat and hides. The Florida manatee population has increased over the past few decades, but the species is still listed as endangered in the United States.

Currently, the population in Florida is estimated at more than 5,000; however, impacts from human activity, cold stress, red tide and habitat threats pose challenges to this peaceful mammal.

FPL supports manatee research and conducts tagging exercises and aerial surveys at its facilities to help assess the health of manatee herds.

How can you help?

  • Follow all signs when boating in waters inhabited by manatees. Manatees are seriously injured or killed due to collisions with boats.
  • Purchase a “Save the Manatee” license plate. Funds from the sale support manatee research and conservation programs across the state.



Manatee Facts

One of the manatee’s closest modern relatives is the elephant.

Manatees typically move slowly, but can swim up to 20 miles per hour.

Adult manatees have no natural predators.

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