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FPL’s 08720179 Transmission Line Project

We at FPL know how important reliable, safe electric service is to the communities we serve. To continue providing reliable service and meet growing energy demand in Miami-Dade County, particularly in areas like downtown Miami and Miami Beach, we must invest in a major new power line.

To ensure a steady power supply, the proposed power line needs to be in service in 2009. Construction is scheduled to start in April on the Miami Beach side and will be completed in 2009. Construction on the City of Miami side was slated to begin in May 2008 and will be completed by July 2009.


About the need for a new transmission line

New commercial, residential and office buildings are being built, while hotels and older structures are being upgraded. More customers are moving into the area and, on average, residential customers use 25 percent more electricity than they did 20 years ago. This growth requires an expansion of the electric grid and the proposed power line will ensure that existing and new customers will continue enjoying safe, reliable service now and into the future.


The construction phase: community and governmental outreach effort

As the construction phase moves forward, FPL strives to keep the community and government agencies informed. FPL is working closely with all related government agencies including Miami-Dade County, the cities of Miami and Miami Beach, Department of Environmental Resources Management, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Army Corp of Engineers.

To select the best possible alignment for the power line, several key factors were considered including environmental impact, engineering feasibility, community effects, permitting viability and overall project cost.

Customers whose home or businesses are located in the project area will be contacted by letters addressed to their home and business. FPL is committed to strive to minimize inconvenience to the community and individual property owners, and to work safely and respectfully as construction progresses.


How you can reach us

As we go about the process of building the power line, we have arranged a toll-free number where customers may reach us:

  • 1-800-693-3267 (Toll-free number for general inquiries)